Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Katatonia - Last Fair Deal Gone Down

Year of release: 2001
Genre: Atmospheric Metal
Country: Sweden

01. Dispossession
02. Chrome
03. We Must Bury You
04. Teargas
05. I Transpire
06. Tonight's Music
07. Clean Today
08. The Future Of Speech
09. Passing Bird
10. Sweet Nurse
11. Don't Tell A Soul

In a few words:
Look at the artwork and you will understand what the album contains. Melancholy, atmosphere, catharsis. I just can' t describe what would be the impact of this album on your emotional state. Probably the best Katatonia album...


Dr Faustus said...

This is a magnificent album.
My favourite is still Brave Murder Day but this one comes in a very, very close second.
I'd say it's the pinnacle of that melancholic, gothic sound they progressed into after BMD.